How to prepare / Packing list

The conditions in the region are very variable so keeping all the factors in mind, this list below is the recommended set of equipment that one would need when visiting the snow leopard lodge.


Thermal underwear
Fleece jacket
Thick down Jacket
Breathable waterproof jacket and lowers
Ankle length waterproof shoes with thick soles
Hiking trousers ( down or padded trousers work well in these conditions)
Working gloves and woollen gloves on top ( the new synthetic waterproof gloves are a good substitute)
Hand and toe warmers ( depending on how one’s body reacts to the temperature – these also act as good camera battery and phone battery warmers as batteries tend to die out quickly in colder weather )
Dark ( black ) shades ( the wrap around kind are preferred as the sun light can be very harsh and is amplified and bounced around by the snow)
Smaller waterproof daypack and water bottle for the day trips
Sunscreen ( SPF 50+ ), a good moisturiser and petroleum jelly
Socks ( thick and thin to make two layers )
Warm night wear ( the rooms are heated but we still suggest guests sleep with warmer clothes on like long trousers and full sleeve night wear and a fleece too if they feel comfortable as the temperatures can drop a lot post 12 or 1 am)
Caps or Ski Caps – ones that cover the ears also to shield from the cold winds on bad weather days
Head torch with extra batteries
Walking Pole ( optional)
Spare fully charged batteries for cameras if you are carrying a digital
Guests with larger cameras are suggested to carry a good tripod that can stay stable in windy conditions.
Medication as required or prescribed by your doctor.